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この記事の flirting deal-breakerは誘って、口説いてみたけれど、逆に口説かれて付き合ってみたけれど、許せないことからお付き合いはやめて、関係を断つと言うことです。flietは”いちゃつく”、”もてあそぶ”と言う意味だと思っていたけど、ナンパするみたいにも使えるんですね。
ちなみにナンパするはスラングでpick up/hit on



*気になったフレーズturn on/off He turned on me. 彼は私を夢中にさせたの。
He turned off me. しらけちゃった。彼にはがっかりよ😞
Don’t turn back on me. 見捨てないでくれよ。
She turned on the charm. 急に愛想を振りまいた。


2022/6/27 level 8

Study Finds Top Flirting 'Deal-Breakers'



The biggest flirting "deal-breakers" have been named as having bad hygiene-不潔な, making it clear you're interested in other people, and just being "slimy" — meaning being rude and inappropriate.






This is based on research from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus sάɪprəs-キプロス, which found the top 11 flirting deal-breakers using surveys of Greek-speaking men and women.

キプロスの大学で調査によるもので,ギリシャ語圏の人の付き合いをやめる理由 top 11を発表した。


First, the researchers used a survey that asked around 200 people to imagine someone flirting with -をナンパするthem. The participants were asked to name-述べることを求められた what things that person could say or do that would be off-putting-不快.





The researchers used those answers to make a list of 69 things that could turn someone off-興味が失せる・しらける. Then, a second survey of just over 700 people asked participants to rate just how off-putting each item on that list was. These were then summarized into 11 major categories.





Other things found to be flirting deal-breakers included swearing-悪態をつく, getting too close to the other person, and just not being very smart.



The survey also found that people find it unattractive when someone flirting with them is a narcissist — but also if they have low self-esteem-自尊心.



Being "slimy" was the top deal-breaker for women, while bad hygiene was the biggest deal-breaker for men. The least important deal-breaker for women was not being good-looking. Men were least concerned if someone was stingy.





However, women were more sensitive to almost all of the deal-breakers than men. Meanwhile, men tended to rate things connected to looks — like "having an unattractive body" or being "badly dressed" — as bigger deal-breakers than women.





Older survey participants also tended to be more sensitive to possible deal-breakers. The researchers said this may be because as people get older, they get more experience with relationships, giving them higher standards for partners.





The researchers did, however, note that all of the survey participants were from Cyprus or Greece, so their list of deal-breakers may not be true for other cultures. However, they said their findings could help single people looking for love to get better at flirting.