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”ゾーンに入る”と”フロー状態になる”は違うのかな?調べてみると、集中力が高まっている状態であることは同じ。 フローは、子供が何かに没頭しているように、興味深々、面白くて時間を忘れる状態。 一方、ゾーンはなかなか経験するのが難しく、極限の集中状態。アスリートが絶好調の中でも一瞬感じることができるほど稀。 どっちにしろ、経験してみたいものです。今回はフロー状態の記事です。


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How to Find Your 'Flow State' and Do Your Best Work


When you're at work, you probably don't feel like a successful rapper or a jazz musician. But perhaps if you acted like one, you might get better at your job, and even enjoy it more.






That doesn't mean bringing an instrument to the office or singing while you work. But some experts do believe that achieving a "flow state" could help make your work life feel more meaningful and productive.




So what does that have to do with musicians? And what is a "flow state"?



Research has found that when artists are improvising, some parts of their brains are very active, while others are quieter.




The effect is that they're so focused on what they're doing — in their "flow state" — that they're almost doing it without thinking. Call it "getting lost in the music."



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But it's not as simple as turning on a switch, particularly if you're in an office crunching sales numbers rather than on a stage performing musical numbers.



So how can office employees achieve a flow state, becoming so immersed in a task that it hardly feels like work at all?




Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced "chick-SENT-me-high"), a former professor at the University of Chicago, was known as the "father of flow," and wrote a bestselling book on the subject in 1990. He said that achieving flow happens when there is the right balance between high skill and high challenge.

シカゴ大学の元教授ー1990年にベストセラーになった”father of flow"の著者は言う。フロー状態になるのは、高いスキルとチャレンジ精神のバランスがうまく取れた時に起こる。



But he also said flow will not be achieved if your level of skill is too great for the task — just as it cannot be achieved if you are struggling with the basics.



You need to establish clear goals, reduce distractions and focus on one thing at a time — while not worrying about the end result too soon.



Belief in your ability is also important. That's where good bosses can help, supporting their employees and encouraging them not to fear failure.



So if you're in the right job with the right support — using high skill to meet high challenges — you too can find your flow.