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South Korea Launches First Satellite With Domestic Rocket:DMM英会話DailyNews予習復習メモ

 人工衛星Made in Koreaが打ち上げに成功した記事です。この後も、次々と計画が実行されそうです。スパイ用の偵察機、月面探索機、大型の人口衛星。。。このまま進めば、地球を回る軌道が人工衛星だらけになってしまいそう。


我が国はどうなっているのでしょうか? 莫大な給付金が詐欺で盗まれると言うお粗末な状況。。。



2022/7/3 level 9

South Korea Launches First Satellite With Domestic Rocket 


South Korea has conducted its first successful satellite launch using a domestically made rocket, boosting its growing aerospace ambitions.



On June 21, the three-stage Nuri rocket placed a functioning satellite at an altitude of 700 kilometers after its 4 p.m. liftoff-発射 from the space launch center, the Science Ministry said.

2022・6・21 ヌリロケットは機能している衛星を700kmの高度まで上昇させたー打ち上げセンターから午後4時に発射された。科学省大臣は述べた。


It's carrying four smaller satellites that will be released for Earth observation and other missions, ministry officials said.




"The science and technology of the Republic of Korea have made a great advance," Science Minister Lee Jong-Ho said in a news conference at the launch center.




In a news conference with scientists and others involved in the launch, President Yoon Suk Yeol congratulated their achievement and vowed to keep his campaign promise to establish a state aerospace agency.




South Korea is the 10th nation to place a satellite into space with its own technology.



This was South Korea's second launch of a Nuri rocket. In the first attempt in October 2021, the rocket's (dummy) *payload-総積荷量 reached the desired altitude but didn't enter orbit because the engine of the rocket's third stage burned out earlier than planned.







Since the early 1990s, South Korea has sent many satellites into space with foreign rocket technology or launch sites. In 2013, the country successfully launched a satellite for the first time from its own soil, but the first stage of the rocket was Russian-made.




Four more Nuri launches are planned in the coming years. South Korea also hopes to send a probe to the moon, build next-generation space* launch vehicles and send large-scale satellites into orbit.


*ローンチ・ヴィークル(launch vehicle)またはキャリア・ロケット(carrier rocket)とは地球から宇宙空間に人工衛星や宇宙探査機などのペイロードを輸送するのに使用される打ち上げロケット



South Korean officials said the Nuri rocket has no military purposes. But Lee Choon Geun, of South Korea's Science and Technology Policy Institute, said the successful launch shows the country has the capability to send a spy satellite into orbit.



South Korea currently has no military reconnaissance satellites of its own and depends on US spy satellites to monitor strategic facilities in North Korea. South Korea has said it plans to launch its own surveillance satellites soon.