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2021/10/12 level 8

Journalists from Philippines, Russia Win Nobel Peace Prize



Journalists Maria Ressa of the Philippines and Dmitry Muratov of Russia have won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for their fight to defend freedom of expression in countries where reporters have faced constant attacks, harassment and even murder.




When awarding the prize on October 8, the Norwegian Nobel Committee stressed that an independent press is critical in promoting peace.



"Free, independent and fact-based journalism serves to protect against abuse of power, lies and war propaganda," said Nobel Committee chair, Berit Reiss-Andersen, when she explained why the prize was given to the two journalists.




民主主義国において開戦にあたり国民の同意を得ることは必要不可欠であり、そのため国民を動かし、参戦に同意させるために戦争プロパガンダや情報操作が巧妙に使われ政府の思いのままに国民を扇動する。また、国民主権の国家において国民の支持を得られなければリーダーの独裁になってしまい国内的にも国際的にも、非難される可能性は否めないのである。戦争プロパガンダ (daito.ac.jp)




Ressa, who in 2012 co-founded Rappler — a news website that has focused critical attention on President Rodrigo Duterte — was praised for exposing the "abuse of power, use of violence and growing authoritarianism in her native country, the Philippines."


レッサはニュースのウェブサイトRappler の共同創設者で、ドゥテルト大統領に、批判的な注目を向けた。ーー彼女の国フィリピンで起きている、権力の乱用と暴力で権威主義が高まっていることを暴露した功績を称えられた。



Ressa, the first Filipino to win the peace prize, has faced multiple criminal charges and investigations after publishing stories critical of Duterte and his war on drugs, which has led to thousands of deaths.




Reacting to the news, Ressa told Norway's TV2 channel that "the government will obviously not be happy." 

受賞の知らせの反応を、ノルウェーのTV番組で話した。 「政府は明らかにいい気はしないだろう。」



"It's really emotional," she added. "But I am happy on behalf of my team." Ressa shares the prize with Muratov, who co-founded the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta in 1993.

「受賞は感激的だ チームの代表としてうれしい。」



The Nobel committee described Novaya Gazeta as "the most independent newspaper in Russia today," praising its critical attitude towards authority.

Novaya Gazeta は、ロシアの最も独自の意見見を持つ新聞社で権力に向かって、批判眼を持っている。



The Nobel committee also noted that since Novaya Gazeta was first published, six of its journalists have been killed. Muratov said he sees the prize as an award to those fallen journalists and contributors.

この新聞社が所属しているジャーナリスト6人が殺害されたことを最初に出版したーー 平和賞は亡くなったジャーナリストと投稿者にも捧げる。



He said he would use part of his $1.1 million Nobel winnings to help independent journalists who have faced growing pressure from the authorities.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 17 media workers were killed in the Philippines in the last decade and 23 in Russia.