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Case of Wine Returns to Earth from Space




On January 13, a capsule returned to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) carrying over 2,000 kilograms of cargo, including 320 grapevines and 12 bottles of French wine.

国際宇宙ステーションからカプセルが戻ったー 2000㎏の積み荷とともに その中は、320本のぶどうの木と12ボトルのフランスのワイン。 


The grapevines and wine were part of an experiment by Luxembourg lˈʌksəmb`ɚːg -based Space Cargo Unlimited.


ぶどうの木とワインはベルギールクセンブルクを拠点とする会社Space Cargo Unlimitedの試み。


The wine was sent to the ISS in November 2019, and will now be tasted by experts to see how it has been affected by its time in space, in addition to more scientific tests. The grapevines went up in March 2020.

ワインはISSに送られた2019年に 宇宙にいた間にどのように味や成分に影響が出たのかを専門家が試すー 科学的なテストも兼ねて。




Researchers will now examine how they adapted to the stress of the space environment, which includes increased radiation and low gravity.

ぶどうの木が、宇宙の環境のストレスー放射線や低い重力 にどう適応したかを調査する。


Space Cargo Unlimited says the results could help us learn how to grow useful plants in harsher environments on Earth as climate change continues.





The capsule also carried materials from numerous other experiments, including live mice being studied to understand how eyes are affected in space.





NASA says that at least 40% of astronauts experience eye problems after spending long periods of time in space.




The capsule used was a new version of the Cargo Dragon, which is made by Elon Musk's SpaceX.

このカプセルはイーロンマスク SpaceXが作った新バージョンCargo Dragonが使われた。


It can carry more cargo and is able to dock and undock at the ISS automatically, without help from the station's robotic arm.





The old version flew for the last time in March 2020. The new capsule took off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center on December 6 using a Falcon 9 rocket, also made by SpaceX, and arrived at the ISS the next day.








This was SpaceX's 21st resupply flight to the ISS. While past Cargo Dragon capsules landed in the Pacific Ocean on their return to Earth, this was the first to land in the Gulf of Mexico west of Tampa, Florida.






This allowed researchers to receive samples in several hours — instead of several days — for the first time since the Space Shuttle was retired in 2011.