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1,200 Arrested After Protestors Storm Brazil Congress:DMM英会話DailyNews予習復習メモ

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2022/1/11 level 9

1,200 Arrested After Protestors Storm Brazil Congress


More than 1,200 people have been detained in Brazil after supporters of far-right ex-President Jair Bolsonaro stormed three major state buildings in its capital city, Brasilia.



The arrests were made on Monday, January 9 at a large camp of the former president's supporters outside army headquarters, where they were asking for military support to return Bolsonaro to power.





On Sunday, thousands of demonstrators had gotten past security barricades and invaded Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace where they climbed on roofs, smashed windows and caused other damage.







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The protestors’ actions came soon after the inauguration of left-wing President Lula da Silva. Comparisons have been made to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, by Donald Trump supporters protesting his 2020 presidential election loss.




Police seemed slow to react in Brasilia, even after the arrival of more than 100 protest buses, leading some to ask whether authorities had ignored warnings, underestimated the demonstrators' strength, or even been complicit.

ブラジリアの警察はでは対応が鈍かったー100台以上の抗議者のバスが到着した後でさえも。何人かの人が尋ねたー政府はデモ隊の危険な動きを知らぬ顔でいるつもりだったのか?それとも デモ隊のパワーを軽く見ていたか、またはデモ隊側に協力していたのか。


Lula said there had been "incompetence or bad faith" on the part of police and some would be punished.



Hours went by before control of the buildings on Brasilia’s Three Powers Square was reestablished. Hundreds were arrested on Sunday, with Justice Minister Flávio Dino saying that police were tracking those who had paid for buses that brought the protestors to Brasilia. The three buildings are also being inspected for evidence.





Brazil’s presidential elections in October 2022 were the closest the country has seen in over three decades. But Lula’s win was accepted by politicians across the spectrum, and Bolsonaro surprised many by fading from view and going to Florida.






However, Bolsonaro had been stoking a belief among his supporters that the country’s electronic voting system was prone to fraud.



Brazil has used electronic voting since 1996, which security experts do consider less secure than paper ballots. However, no evidence of fraud has ever been found.



Still, many Bolsonaro supporters have refused to accept the election results. There have been a number of protests, including riots in the capital in December.