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UK Museum Agrees to Return Stolen Artifacts to Nigeria:DMM英会話DailyNews予習復習メモ





Beninと言えば、たけしの”ここが変だよ日本人”に出演していたゾマホンの国。 ゾマホンの祖国、ベナン共和国はこのナイジェリアにあったベナン王国から名付けられたそうですが、つながりは全くないらしいです


2022/8/10 level 8

UK Museum Agrees to Return Stolen Artifacts to Nigeria


A London museum has agreed to return a collection of artifacts stolen in the late 19th century from what is now-現 Nigeria as cultural institutions throughout Britain/ come under pressure to return artifacts taken during the colonial era.




The Horniman Museum and Gardens in southeast London said that it would return a collection of 72 Benin Bronzes to the Nigerian government. The decision comes after Nigeria's National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) formally asked for the artifacts to be returned earlier this year.

ロンドンの北西部にあるHorniman 博物館側は述べたー72点のベナンブロンズと呼ばれるの工芸品をナイジェリア政府に返還することになるだろうと。ナイジェリアの美術館及びモニュメントの国家委員会が、今年の早い時期に、工芸品を返すよう正式に依頼した後、返還が決定することになる。




"The evidence is very clear that these objects were acquired through force, and external consultation supported our view that it is both moral and appropriate to return their ownership to Nigeria," Eve Salomon, chair of the museum's board of trustees-保管委員, said in a statement.




The Horniman's collection is a small part of the 3,000 to 5,000 artifacts taken from the Kingdom of Benin in 1897 when British soldiers attacked and occupied Benin City as Britain expanded its influence in West Africa. The British Museum alone holds more than 900 objects from Benin, and National Museums Scotland has another 74. Others were distributed to museums around the world.





The artifacts include many types of objects made by artists working for the royal court of Benin. The general term-一般的に "Benin Bronzes" is sometimes used for items made from ivory, leather, wood and other materials as well as metal sculptures.



Nigeria and Germany recently signed a deal for the return of hundreds of Benin Bronzes. That followed France's decision last year to return 26 artifacts to present-day-現在 Benin, a small country that sits just west of Nigeria.



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However, British institutions have been slower to respond.



The Horniman Museum's decision comes after a change in policy that began during the Black Lives Matter movement. The changes sought to "address long-standing issues-長年の課題 of racism and discrimination within our history and collections."




"This includes reviewing the future of collections that were taken by force or in unequal transactions," the museum's website says.