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New York市では、選ばれた賢い4才児2千5百人に特別な天才教育をしていると言う記事です。
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2021/10/8 level 8

New York to End Program for Gifted and Talented Students

天才児への英才教育プログラムを終了する ニューヨークで



New York City has announced plans to end its Gifted & Talented student program, after claims that it favors children of some racial backgrounds over others.



Gifted and talented programs offer children "accelerated learning", which means they are taught more advanced content earlier in their school careers.





According to a plan released by the city's education department, starting in the 2022 school year, New York City public schools will stop giving 4-year-olds a test to identify gifted students before they start kindergarten.





The current version of the program only admits around 2,500 kindergarteners a year out of the 65,000 who live in the city.




Under a new program called Brilliant NYC, children will instead be tested by subject in the second grade, when they are between the ages of 7 and 8.

Brilliant NYCと呼ばれるニュープログラムでは、2年生の科目からテストされる---7から8才児に。


They will then each be given an accelerated learning program tailored to their strengths in each subject area.



New York's current Gifted & Talented program has been criticized for many years for favoring students of some backgrounds over others.





According to a report from the city's School Diversity Advisory Group, in the 2017-18 school year, just 18% of New York City kindergarteners from Black and Latinx backgrounds were offered places in the Gifted & Talented program, despite making up 65% of kindergarteners overall.

2017-18年度 ニューヨークの黒人、ラテン系の幼稚園児の18%がG&T programが提供された、幼稚園児総数の65%にもかかわらず。(総幼稚園児の半数以上が黒人ラテン)



Forty-two percent of offers were given to Asian students, who made up 18% of all kindergarteners, 


while 39% went to white students, who made up 17%.


*make upは、でっちあげた感(';')があります。


黒人、ラテン系 |総人数の65% | 総G&Tの18%
アジア人    |    42% |     18%

白人      |    39% |     17%







New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced the plan only three months before his term ends on New Year's Eve 2021, which means that the city's next mayor could make changes before it goes into effect.






Eric Adams, who is expected to win the mayoral election in November, has said that he will consider the plan and make changes based on the needs of children and their parents.


Eric Adamsは、11月の市長選挙に勝つことを願っている---彼は言った---この計画を検討し、子供たちや親のニーズを基に変えるつもりだと述べた。