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DMM英会話DailyNews 予習復習メモ:Scientists Win Nobel Prize for Gene-Editing Tool

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Scientists Win Nobel Prize for Gene-Editing Tool

The Nobel Prize in chemistry has gone to two researchers for a gene-editing tool that has revolutionized science by providing a way to alter DNA technology already being used to try to cure numerous  n(j)úːm(ə)rəs diseases and raise better crops and livestock.






Emmanuelle Charpentier of France and Jennifer A. Doudna of the United States won for developing CRISPR-cas9, a very simple technique for cutting a gene at a specific spot, allowing scientists to change genetic flaws that are the cause of many diseases.



"There is enormous power in this genetic tool," said Claes Gustafsson, chair of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.


"There's no aspect of biomedical research that hasn't been touched by CRISPR," which has been used to create better crops and to try to cure human diseases including HIV and inherited forms of blindness, said Dr. Kiran Musunuru of the University of Pennsylvania, who is researching it for heart disease.




Doudna said CRISPR also has the potential to be used to engineer plants that store more carbon or better withstand climate change.

クリスパーは2酸化炭素をもっと取り入れて蓄える、または、気候変動により耐える 植物を開発するためにも使われる見込みがある。

Dr. George Daley of Harvard Medical School said: "There is immense potential for human benefit, especially for disease treatment, but also the risk of misapplication."

 人類のためになる、特に病気治療に限りないほどの発展の見込みがある。  しかし誤用/悪用のリスクはある。
Much of the world became aware of CRISPR in 2018, when Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed he had helped make the world's first gene-edited babies, to try to engineer resistance to infection with the AIDS virus. His work was denounced as unsafe, and he has been sentenced to prison in China. 

中国の科学者が、AIDS ウィルス抗体を開発するために、世界初の遺伝子編集された赤ちゃんの誕生させたこと公表したときに、世界でCRISPRが知られたー受精卵の段階で遺伝子操作がなされたことが倫理的に問題視され物議をかもした。 




In September, an international panel of experts issued a report saying it is too soon to attempt such experiments because the science isn't advanced enough to ensure safety.




In its 119-year history, a woman has won a Nobel Prize in the sciences by herself only three times before, the first being Marie Curie in 1911. But this is the first time an all-female team has won a science prize. The prize comes with a gold medal and more than $1.1 million.



comes with~ ~がもれなく付いてくる/添えられる



初めてノーベル化学賞した女性がキュリー夫人。今回はリケジョのコンビに贈られることになった。日本でも、女性が研究できるような環境が整えらることを祈ってます。 小学生のころは計算が遅く。今はさらに遅い。高校の時化学0点をとりました。理数系に弱い私は、リケジョ尊敬してます。